Abbreviations SMS and Internet. 2013.

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  • 4GV — Qualcomm’s Fourth Generation Vocoder (4G) is a suite a voice speech codecs used by CDMA networks that allows the network operators to dynamically prioritize voice quality to increase network capacity while maintaining voice quality. Currently,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Enhanced Variable Rate Codec — (EVRC) is a speech codec used in CDMA networks. It was developed in 1995 to replace the QCELP vocoder which used more bandwidth on the carrier s network, thus EVRC s primary goal was to offer the mobile carriers more capacity on their networks… …   Wikipedia

  • Enhanced Variable Rate Codec B — (EVRC B) is a speech codec used by CDMA networks. EVRC B is an enhancement to EVRC and compresses each 20 milliseconds of 8000 Hz, 16 bit sampled speechinput into output frames of one of the four different sizes: Rate 1 171 bits, Rate 1/2 80 bits …   Wikipedia

  • EVRC — Enhanced Variable Rate CODEC (EVRC) est un format de compression audio utilisé dans les réseaux CDMA. Il a été développé en 1995 pour remplacer le codec voix QCELP qui consommait plus de bande passante sur les réseaux de téléphonie. Le premier… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Yamaha TT 600 — Die Yamaha TT 600 ist eine Enduro (Motorrad) des japanischen Motorradherstellers Yamaha. TT steht für den sportlichen Ableger von Yamahas XT Baureihe, die auf dem bekannten Yamaha XT 600 Einzylinder Motor mit vier Ventilen basiert. Im Gegensatz… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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